Friday, September 11, 2009

Indian - The Unquiet Sky (2005)

Ah.. many times now, I've wanted to share this record, even with those who generally dislike this style of music. Yes, I feel pretty strongly about "The Unquiet Sky". Simply put, it truly may be the best sludge album that I've ever had the pleasure of being acquainted with. This is absolutely devastating metal, plenty of slow-plodding riffs with psychedelic droning elements throughout (which can be credited to the massive amount of gain and reverb emitted from their relentless Orange amps). The guitars are dense and fuzzy, as one might expect, but it's a welcomed tone that has been tweaked to perfection - theses axes are crushing when they want to be and let out carefully-planned cries of feedback at will. So, needless to say, this album has excellent production topped off with songwriting skills that succeed in keeping things interesting through the entire trip. Oh, and vocals here are harsh and manage to work well alongside the dark, sludgey tones. Rhythm section is naturally good and, if you enjoyed this album anywhere near as much as I have, will have you air-drumming along through 'Ration' every time. To sum things up, it's the best elements of Ufomammut and Eyehategod; the album neither wrote, but probably would have loved to. Toke alongside this one.

1. No Able Fires
2. Ration
3. Dead Weight
4. Los Nietos
5. Queen
6. Tied and Gagged
7. God of Panic, Lord of Decay
8. Loophole Noose
9. Shill
10. We Can Build You
11. Worshiper of Sores

Download (73.46 MB)


  1. Cool, I'm looking forward to toking to this later this evening!

  2. Well, it looks like we have more in common than I expected.

    I would have to agree with you and say this is probably close to some of the best goddamn sludge I've ever heard.

    And now inadvertently, I air drum and fucking rock out at about 6mins into 'Ration'.

    Thanks a lot for this one. Never even heard of these guys before.