Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thrones - Sperm Whale + White Rabbit (2000)

Thrones is the product of Joe Preston (Harvey Milk, Melvins, High on Fire, etc.) and Joe alone. This fact is extremely impressive, as the band could VERY easily be mistaken as the product of several minds and writers. Many of these tracks are experimental in nature and there are a lot of varied styles to be found. From the start, the most obvious experimentation is in the use of vocoders and drum machine programming. While these two aspects have annoyed me at times in other projects, Joe utilizes each with perfection, successfully adding a certain aesthetic quality to the music that enhances the listening experience of already well-written tracks. With the compliation Sperm Whale + White Rabbit, two EPs are gathered and placed in a mixed order that interestingly manages to flow like a full-length.. it's very difficult to listen to one track without going on to the next and then the one after that. No joke, Thrones has demanded a surprising amount of solid listening sessions from me in a relatively short time, and hasn't let up. As a matter of fact, I'll soon probably end up posting an awesome live bootleg that I found, oddly enough, ages before delving into the rest of the limited discography. In the meantime, enjoy - and pay special attention to the epics 'Manmtn' and 'Obolus'!

1. Oso Malo
2. Nuts and Berries
4. Acris Venator
5. Django
6. Ephraim
7. The Anguish of Bears
8. Obolus

Download (81.15 MB)

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